Thermal Imaging

Often during PAT testing in an office environment there will be a server room. The client will regularly decide not to have this room fully PAT tested as they feel they cannot shut the server down for many reasons.

It may be that their IT support is not actually on site or that they feel they cannot afford the downtime that may ensue with a full shutdown. Occasionally they will opt for a visual inspection instead , but this is obviously very limited.

It is debatable as to how an insurance company may view a visual inspection if a problem occurred . A third option is now available in a Thermal Imaging survey. This survey is unobtrusive as it does not require a server shutdown. Instead an infrared camera is used to detect any temperature changes or hotspots while the server is running. This can prevent any problems before they cause a breakdown or worse a fire. Many companies now use this service to comply with their insurance policy requirements.